Hello dear visitors!

Here is Catalina Somolinos, owner of this website.
I am a Spanish freelance painter and illustrator with a big passion for nature and being outdoors.
My beggining as a drawer started long ago, as far as I can remember: when I was got distracted at school I was doodling in the books and notebooks. But following a familly tradition, after schoolship I started (and finished) the Architecture Studies.
While the studies I loved to sketch and imagine spaces, always putting a lot of interest in the environement and green.. but I hated to concrete and transformate the sketches in final technical plans. The same problem I found on working on computers. I loved pencils and drafts too much! I realized soon it was not my way so I dropped off and went back to my loving papers and pencils trying to do a living from art.

I moved to Berlin and started this attractive but hard life of a begginer artist. I earnt the main money teaching piano and music (another big passion) while I shared an studio and start to slowly make a living from arts. After some beautiful and intense years I moved to Frankfurt am Main where I am still living.

Now I have a family and I am glad I can make a living from what I love: painting and drawing, licencing some art and making comissions from time to time, as well as playing and teaching piano and going for walks and hikes where I refull my nature soul (with a little kid not so often as before)

If you want to contact me and ask me anything you are very welcome:


Instagram: @catilustre